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The NIP™ workout routine is a revolutionary, unique and scientific way to increase your muscular power.  A program created for performance minded athletes.  Regardless of what your power sport of choice might be.  Whether that is Martial Arts(MMA or Traditional Martial Arts), Football, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Track and Field or La Crosse.  If power is an essential part of your sport, then NIP™ can help!

The NIP™ system works on the principal of training your muscles in the strongest anatomical position.  Utilizing the specific stimulus to encourage your body to progress in power and strength.

One of the best things about the NIP™ program is how quickly the workouts can be completed.  It can take only 20-30 minutes per week to perform the program.  Because workouts are meant to be very specific with the stimulus and get “straight to the point”.  Leaving you more time to enjoy other activities in your life.  So you cannot afford to not try the the NIP™.

The NIP™ system is broken down into two components.  This includes training of the Neural Muscular System and increasing Muscle Density.

The Neural Muscular system is often an overlooked area to train for power.  It allows your muscles to perform more explosively.  Giving you are greater amount of strength and power in a short unit of time.

There are some great advantages of training the Neural Muscular system.  Namely being able to increase your muscular power without increasing your size.  This is particularly beneficial to certain athletes, who are conscious of keeping within a weight class.  As this can apply to Boxers or Wrestlers.

As an additional side effect, training of the Neural Muscular System also leads to better control of the muscles.  So it has some enhanced benefits to movement sports, that require a level of muscular precision like Dance or Gymnastics.

The other part of the NIP™ system is progressing in strength by increasing your Muscle size.  Athletes who are conscious of gaining muscle weight (For fear of raising in a weight class) can skip this part of the program.  However most athletes do enjoy having stronger and larger muscles. As it can enhance performance drastically. Along with the understanding that larger muscles are considered cosmetically pleasing.

The training to increase muscle size is conducted without the use of weights, utilizing specific Isometric exercises.  Making it easy to partake in the training anywhere you go.  While producing dramatic results in strength and size.  In some cases better than traditional weight lifting methods.  This is because the program is very specific to stimulating the muscles as required for growth.

This website provides FREE Information about the NIP™ system.  Providing a combination of videos and text.

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