Neural Isometrics can help you be a better dancer

Neural Isometrics can help you be a better dancer

Upon stumbling upon NIP™ some pleasant unintended side effects followed.  My main goal in training with the NIP™ program was to increase my explosiveness in Martial Arts.  Surprisingly I found it helped me become a better dancer.  Opening up a whole new world and interest with a physical art.

I was your typical male that claimed “I don’t know how to dance”.  So naturally I felt uncomfortable even going to night clubs and letting loose with friends.  As nobody had taught me to move my body.  Self conscious usually took over my desire to want to enjoy the music.  Since I felt I would look silly in front of others.

NIP™ helps to strengthen the nerve connections in the muscles.  Particularly with the Neural Power portion of the program.  Allowing the muscle fibers muscle fibers to fire more quickly and efficiently.  This also means the neurons have greater control over the muscles.  Making subtle movements even easier, since there is greater precision in control.

This effect is similar when you increase the amount of weight you are bench pressing.  As for the sake of example you work your bench press up from 180 to 280 pounds over time.  Whereas you may have once found benching 180 pounds a challenge.  However as you increased your max bench press(280 pounds) going back to 180 would be relatively easy.

The same effect applies with the NIP™ that your body gets trained for high intensity explosive movement.  So as a result regular motions become much easier.  Allowing your muscles to move with more distinction.

Good dancing is all about crisp movement.  Usually in casual dancing its crazy over the top movements that make people look silly.  People that are often defined as “good dancers” are ones that move smoothly.

This discovery opened up a new world for me.  As I explored dancing on many other levels.  Where I embarked to study the dances of Salsa, Ballroom, Tango, Breakdancing and Hip Hop.  It showed me that anyone can become a better dancer.

Utilizing the NIP™ won’t turn you into Fred Astair overnight.  However it will help those who are clumsy in movement.

Although NIP™ and this site is not about dancing, below are some good general tips of casual dancing :

When in doubt keep it subtle : Most of the time we more critical of our dancing than others.  As long you don’t go over the top with big movements you’ll be fine.  That is unless you want to have some fun and do big movements.  But even just gently bobbing your head and shuffling side to side passes for “dancing” in most cases.

It’s all in the hips: One of the things I learned in Martial arts is the hips are our source of power.  In ancient martial art systems is believed that is close to the location of Chi / Ki / Prana.  Since that is where the energy centre of the Tan Tien is located.  On a physical level that is where our centre of gravity lays.  So movements should start from the hips first.  Then flow up to the individual parts.  As a punch in martial arts should start from the hips and flow up to the arms.  This is the same principal in dancing.  It all starts in the hips.

So while you might be busy as an athlete become stronger and more explosive, these are indeed some nice side effects.  So happy training, dance and have fun!




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