A different type of Power (My inspiration and search for answers)

A different type of Power (My inspiration and search for answers)

thinking-man2As a martial artist, I have discovered there can be a big difference between “looking strong” and actually being strong.  Although it always helps to have a good physique to look good on the beach.  But it can be a bit of an embarrassment when you get handled by a smaller guy in athletics.  It’s like a sports car which looks great but can’t perform.

This difference became apparent to me one day.  I was sparring with a friend in Martial Arts class.  I just began to start body building.  Which resulted in me adding more muscle weight since we last sparred.  So my confidence level was high.  As I was decisive on the idea that I was a “strong” athlete.

My opponent that I was sparring was allot smaller than me.  Weighing no more than 130 pounds at a 5’7 in height.

Then he hit with a punch that felt like the hardest punch in my life.  My whole chest felt like it caved in.  I was shocked at the amount of power he could generate.  It was at that moment it clicked in that size doesn’t always equal strength and power.  Despite the size difference, he could produce significantly more power than me.

This was the first step in developing NIP™.  As I was curious for answers and the different ways to produce power.



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